2011-08-03, Tzirelchana
Nine Days Recipe:Cabbage Noodles
Subject: Pasta Recipe

Lately Ive been craving cabbage noodles. That's the name my mother uses for the archetypical  European dish alternatively known as k'poszti's tïszta,  Kraut Lukshen, or Kraut Pletzlach.

Although this dish was a European staple, mostly because it's ingredients were cheap and readily available, when I was growing up in New York, I hardly tasted it.

That was because of the noodles.

My mother was fanatical about them. Only a certain type of  square egg pasta  would do. Back in Satmar, my late grandmother had rolled and cut these noodles out by hand, but my mother never did.  The 1960s were the golden age of frozen foods and  TV dinners. No one made pasta at home back then so she did the next best thing---she trekked to her cousin Duvid's Brooklyn store, the only place in the Five Boros, perhaps in all of North America  where these noodles were sold.

The store was  the kind of neighborhood establishment that is nearly extinct today. There was  sawdust on the floor  a large can of schmaltz herring on the counter and Duvid in his grey grocer's jacket smilingly greeting his customers by name. Duvid always seemed to be smiling, no small thing  for a survivor of a brutal Hungarian labor camp, who had lost eight siblings plus his mother in the war.

The noodles  were packaged in cellophane with a blue sheet tucked inside giving ingredients and cooking instructions in Yiddish, no English translation as if the manufacturer knew that  no one but a Yiddish speaker would ever buy them. And they were worth the trek.

Made with flour and egg yolks, these small squares magically remained al dente even after a long boiling. Thick and chewy they were the  perfect foil to the  gossamer  weightlessness of the sauted  cabbage.
As much as I've searched, I've never found them so I've substituted, but even with ordinary pasta my cabbage noodles are still yummy and very easy to make For complete recipe go to www.culinarykosher.com/recipe/Yom_Tov-Shabbos-Rosh_Hashana-Shavuos-Succos/Cabbage-Noodles/1990

See more at http://kosherhomecooking.com


Cabbage noodles without the little square noodles.
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This entry really reasonated with me! Checking out your blog, I can see why: your experience could be mine. Same recipes, similar stories. (I never knew anyone who knew what gooseberry soup was until now :)- my mom always raves about it while we grimade :lol:). Looking forward to seeing more!

Shvigs, 2011-08-03

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